Just a can of air? Well yes. Pure oxygen in fact. The normal air we breathe only contains up to 21% of oxygen. A can of EXXTRA OXYGEN contains up to 95% Pure Medical Grade Oxygen. This helps to improve brain function, tissue regeneration and endurance. EXXTRA OXYGEN is a natural, healthy and safe way to increase your
overall fitness and stamina.

EXXTRA OXYGEN is not a replacement for those individuals that have been prescribed medical oxygen for health reasons. It is solely intended for recreational use and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

100 x BREATHS – When taken at a rate of 1 second breaths.

Use EXXTRA oxygen before a training session, during one, if you feel you’re about to hit the wall, and afterwards for recovery.


Remove the lid. Breathe out calmly and with your finger on the actuator hold it very close to your mouth. With your next inhalation press the actuator, inhale deeply and hold your breath for 2-3 seconds to allow the oxygen to absorb into your lungs.
Repeat 3-5 inhalations for maximum affect.


95% Medical Grade Oxygen.


Do not expose to fire. Oxygen is extremely flammable. Contents under pressure.


3 Cans: R285 (R95 per can)

Additional Cans R95 each

Exxtra Oxygen

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