THCV: An Emerging Cannabinoid

THCV is positioned to join THC, CBD, and others in the pantheon of medicinal cannabinoids. Although new to the culture, scientists discovered this molecule decades ago. Since then, several studies have fortified its role as a promising player within the sphere of medical cannabis. Cannabis flowers are loaded with chemical complexity. Although THC and CBD […]

Hemp Batteries are 8x more Powerful than Lithium

Hemp battery

Hemp Batteries are Eight Times More Powerful than Lithium, Scientists Discover. Waste fibers from hemp crops out-perform graphene for a thousandth of the cost, according to new research. Is there anything hemp can’t do? A year after hemp became legal to grow in the United States, we’ve seen its power to make better clothing, better buildings and better medicine. […]

Needing some eXxtra Oxygen?

Exxtra Oxygen

Just a can of air? Well yes. Pure oxygen in fact. The normal air we breathe only contains up to 21% of oxygen. A can of EXXTRA OXYGEN contains up to 95% Pure Medical Grade Oxygen. This helps to improve brain function, tissue regeneration and endurance. EXXTRA OXYGEN is a natural, healthy and safe way to […]

Hemp the Superfood

Hemp Seeds

Even though many are moving toward CBD for its health benefits, the market is still crazy and confusing. Perhaps it’s time we all take a closer look at Hemp protein and Hemp seeds as the superfoods that they are. Discover the easy and logical way to give our body more balance nutrients from one source. […]