‘Runner’s high’ may result from molecules called cannabinoids

‘Runner’s high’ may result from molecules called cannabinoids – body’s own version of THC and CBD   Many people have experienced reductions in stress, pain and anxiety and sometimes even euphoria after exercise. What’s behind this so-called “runner’s high”? New research on the neuroscience of exercise may surprise you. The “runner’s high” has long been […]

Making your own Natural Homemade Products for Spring Cleaning


This month we are all about SPRING and one thing this season is well known for is SPRING CLEANING. So here are a few tips and tricks on cleaning your home the natural way.  Making natural cleaning products is important because, chemicals in your store bought cleaning products could be harmful to you and your family. […]

Happy 1st Day of Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. Farmers and gardeners plant their seeds and temperatures slowly rise. But always with a change of season, comes along different allergies and illnesses. This month we will be focusing on Cannabis and Spring-time and all the […]

How Toxic is your Body?

Want to check your toxicity? Take the following test to find out: TOXICITY CHECK LISTCircle the appropriate response: Caffeine:1. No caffeine2. 1-2 caffeinated drinks daily3. 3 or more caffeine servings daily Alcohol1. 1 or less per week2. 2-4 times per week3. 5 or more drinks per week Food and Drink1. Organic 90% of the time2. Organic 50% of the […]

8 Ways Cannabis can Improve your Daily Life

8 Ways cannabis can improve your life

It Can Keep Your Pets Healthy Cannabis, in some forms, can make for a healthy supplement for your pets. And for animals that are sick, or living with chronic pain, cannabis-based treats can offer some relief. It Can Stop Nightmares Plagued by bad dreams? Try cannabis before you hit the sack, and see if it […]

Women’s Month

Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletters HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY TO ALL OUR CANNA LADIES! The Month of August is Women’s Month and we will be focusing on everything to do with WOMEN & CANNABIS. Today, August 9, 2021 we get to celebrate National Women’s Day. This South African holiday is celebrated every year on a weekday. Women have had […]