The health industry is going through a massive shift Worldwide with laws being changed, that is allowing the use and cultivation of once banned natural medicines.

Many are looking at natural or alternative healing options over the traditional “western” medicines.

This has created a whole new industry with many possibilities for those with a strong sales acumen to start a full-time practice to help, advise and promote natural products.

There is the possibility not only to be involved with natural healing products but also the thousands of products via different vendors that have been and will be manufactured from the cultivation of the raw material.

Sell anything off the Supermarket and get 50% of the Profit after VAT.

  • We handle all your orders and placing of orders with Suppliers, on your behalf
  • We provide you with weekly Marketing Material for Social Media marketing
  • We will manage all the calculation of commissions and payouts
  • We will then pay you your 50% profit, after VAT, at the end of each month


Monthly Admin Fee

Upon joining, R575.00 pm incl VAT payable by the 1st of every month

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