Cannabis Oil Research have launched an online Supermarket

We are proud to announce the opening of our Medicinal Cannabis Supermarket.

Cannabis Oil Research promotes legal CBD products. We encourage and support Medicinal Cannabis combined with healthy and positive lifestyles.

Our aim is to combine Medicinal Cannabis Protocols with Natural Healing remedies, from your tried and tested Grandma’s remedies to Holistic Healing; encompassing body, mind, spirit and emotion.


Multiple Shops all under one Supermarket

A wide variety of Products for you to select from, from a variety of Vendors.

Select your Products to order from any of the Vendors, or from your preferred Vendor.



Buying on the Medicinal Cannabis Supermarket

We are fully committed to providing Customers with the best brands, products and customer service.

The support staff are available at any time, to address any queries. All order payments are via EFT.


Selling on the Medicinal Cannabis Supermarket

As a Vendor, setting up your Store is completely free.

All you need to do is Register as a Vendor, fill in your Store information and add your Product image(s) together with a detailed Product description.

You can add as many Products as you like.

As a Vendor, you get free marketing via our Social Media platforms.


Shipping & Courier

Each Vendor has their own shipping policies and courier fees.

These are added to your cart on checkout, and will be confirmed once your order has been placed.

Banking details and final order total will be confirmed once your order has been placed.

Sales Agents

We have Sales Agents countrywide.
To become a Sales Agent, please visit or contact for more information.